This environmental arts therapy exhibition brings together a range of visual art responses to working in nature from twenty artists who are also trainees, practitioners or participants of environmental arts therapy, and therapists who have a passion for working out of doors or bringing nature in to the studio. The exhibition will focus on art works made (constructed in, made-from) nature, natural materials and locations.

The exhibition will have accompanying educational information and descriptions of the artworks from several different perspectives written by the exhibition participants. These will include poetry, narrated therapeutic journeys, as well as educational descriptions of practice. In so doing we hope that this exhibition will provide opportunities for arts therapists to share their interests and passion for health and for creativity and also to explore how human creativity and the world we live in are so interconnected.

Environmental arts therapy can support our relationship with Nature through our creative responses to what happens when we attune to the natural world. This exhibition and accompanying documented narratives seek to raise awareness of the work we do and to inspire others to do so also. As therapists we hold, facilitate and navigate conflict and tension in our pursuit towards seeking balance and harmony, when we take our creative arts therapies outdoors we find that Nature provides everything we need.

Contributing artists:
Gary Nash - Vanessa Jones - Ian Siddons Heginworth - Louise Fitzpatrick - Auriel Eagleton - Simon Woodward - Molly Wolfe - Victoria Chisholm - Jamie Bird - Irene Malvezi - Jess Linton
Karen Raingold - Sarah Scott - Laura Butt - Sandra Keating - Sally Webster - Pom Stanley - Amanda Lebus - Anna Leichensteiger - Lydia Boon - Mary-Jayne Rust - Nathalie de Chivre - Sarah Bargiela - David Little - Belinda Hunt - Samantha Hickman - Katrina Bennett